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Me again Time for a bit of truth about photographersI know a lot of photographers. I mean,…

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Me again👋🏻 Time for a bit of truth about photographers⁠😉📸⠀
I know a lot of photographers. I mean, a lot. And one of the biggest struggles we face in this industry is clients who think our skills are not worth their investment 😥⠀
“All you do is show up and click a button a few times! I can do that with my iPhone. Why should I pay you $XXX for something I can do myself?”⁠⠀
And I mean, they’re not wrong🤷🏼‍♀️ We do show up and press a button the whole time. But what they don’t see is the settings we’re changing on our camera to perfect the exposure✨ They don’t see how many micro-adjustments we make to how and where we’re standing to make sure each image is framed perfectly🖼 They don’t see the swollen feet, the bruised knees, and the trembling hands after an 8-hour wedding day⁠😵⠀
They don’t see the late nights and painstaking hours we take to sort through and edit hundreds of photos from your wedding, or the time we put into scheduling your engagement session in between two family sessions on the same weekend📆⠀
They don’t see the time, the hours, the years, the money we have put into education to become masters of our trade📖 They don’t see our never-ending stream of online webinars, the notebooks filled with exposure and posing tricks we study to make your photos as beautiful as possible⁠🙌🏻⠀
Photography is more than pressing a button. It’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. And it’s all for you💛

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